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Day 1 (Wed, 20/01)

Day 2 (Thur, 21/01)

Swantje Martach
Opening Words
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Panel 1: Philosophy & Epidemiology“
Panel 4: “Corona's Anaesthetics
and the Artist Therein“
 “The Virus as Life-Form
and as Social Entity“
 “The Pandemic Society“
 “Guidance or Epistemology?: Agamben and Habermas      on the Role of Philosophy Facing the Crisis“
 “The Moral Responsibilities of the Artist in the Age of COVID-19“
Panel 2: “Social Media in Covid-times“
 “Social Media in Relation to Anti-Lockdown Protests“
“Knowing our Disasters  Through Memesis
Panel 5: “Selfish or Solidary“
 “The New Regime of Indeterminacy and the Role of the Pandemic“
“Rethinking Life through   the Ethics of Care“
Panel 3: “Coping with the Crisis“
Panel 6: “Pandemic Routines“
“Relations to Nature in Crisis: Societal Action and Natural Process in the Pandemic“
“The Impact of COVID-19 on our Dressing Routines“
“On the Functionality and Dysfunction of Institutions During the Corona Crisis“”
“The New Everydayness in the Pandemic Era“
Swantje Martach
Closing Words

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